Washstand and scrub board


This children-sized washstand and scrub board are intended for cloth washing. They enable the child to work with water, train his/her skills and learn practical life activities at the same time. Washing cloths enables the child to develop his/her concentration and fine and gross motor skills. The child needs to bring enough water in the pitcher in order to wash the cloths. While washing he/she uses different movements: wringing, grating, soaping, rubbing, hanging. After finishing, the child takes away the dirty water and cleans the pots and the bucket. Cloth washing takes time and the child needs to be able to concentrate for a long time; he/she develops his/her concentration when working with water.

The washstand is appropriate for children from the age of 2 onwards; but even younger children love working with it.



Product information:

  • We offer it to the child when we want him/her to do activities which demand from him more concentration or when we want to develop and strengthen his/her concentration.
  • We offer it to the child when we want him/her to develop fine and gross motor skills (pincer grasp, strength in his/her arms and fingers).

Material: wood.

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