This soft and comfortable pillow is designed for the new-born so that we can protect him/her and give him/her as little stress as possible while carrying him, holding and putting him/her on the bed or any other appropriate surface. The pillow enables that the new-born’s surroundings preserve the same temperature, softness and smell regardless where s/he lies or who is holding him/her. By holding him/her in the topponcino we prevent the new-born to feel the cold hands, bracelets and watches of people who hold him/her or to prevent him/her from smelling other people.

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  • Appropriate for the new-born.
  • Used as a mattress for the new-born and gives him/her a greater sense of security and comfort.
  • The filling is 100% polyester which provides softness, durability and can be washed at a higher temperature; due to its structure it is also appropriate for asthmatics and allergic persons.
  • The satin cover gives that extra softness and the most pleasant feel. You can choose among three different colours for covers and the lace decoration.

Measurements: length 65 cm, width 45 cm.

Material: cover 100% cotton – satin, filling 100% polyester.

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