The mirror is one of the basic accessories for the child in his/her play area. The mirror encourages the babies to observe and explore. We put it in the baby’s play area so that the baby can observe himself/herself while lying. The baby will observe the movement of his/her arms and legs and changes on his/her face with enthusiasm.

When the child starts walking, we put the mirror in the vertical position and the child can continue with observing his/her body.


Product information:

  • For the new-born and older.
  • We fast the mirror on the wall.
  • Enables the child to observe his/her own movements and body.
  • The glass is covered with protective foil to protect the child in case of shattering.

Measurements: length 100 cm, width 50 cm.

Material: wood, glass.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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