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The Gobbi mobile was designed by Gianna Gobbi. It is made from spheres of different shades of one colour which are light enough to move with air. It is a simple and attractive accessory for the child’s attention and at the same time it helps developing his/her visual sense so that s/he can differentiate the shades and subtle differences in colour. Differentiating the colour shades is the strongest in the early life.
We can hang the mobile on a toy hanger or attach it on the ceiling or above the changing table.

Mobile is assembled by 5 large cotton balls in different colour shades.

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  • Appropriate for a baby from 7 to 10 weeks and older.
  •  For observing; gradation in colour shades enables the child to sharpen his/her visual senses.
  • Product information:
    5 cotton balls, diameter 4 cm
  •  We hang the mobile approx. 30 to 35 cm from the child’s eyes, out of his/her reach.
  • Material: woollen sphere, cotton thread, wood.

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