Free-standing mirror


If you do not want to fast the mirror on your wall, you do not have an empty wall or you want to move the mirror, the free-standing mirror is your thing. The two bases enable the mirror to be stable in the horizontal position. The bases are detachable. The mirror without the bases can be fasted on the wall in horizontal or in vertical position.
The glass is covered with protective foil.
The mirror is one of the basic accessories for the child in his/her play area. The mirror encourages the babies to observe and explore. We put it in the baby’s play area so that the baby can observe himself/herself while lying. The baby will observe the movement of his/her arms and legs and changes on his/her face with enthusiasm.



Product information:

  • For the new-born and older.
  • We fast the mirror on the wall.
  • Enables the child to observe his/her own movements and body.
  • The glass is covered with protective foil to protect the child in case of shattering.
  • Measurements: length 100 cm, width 50 cm.
  • Material: wood, glass.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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