Dancers mobile


The dancers are made from light holographic paper so that they can move with air. The colour contrasts, reflection of light and pleasant shapes of the dancers attract the child’s attention. The child follows the dancers’ slow movements and that helps him/her developing visual skills such as depth perception, eye coordination, sensing the movement; and trains his/her ability to focus on things.

We hang the mobile on the ceiling with a thread or on a higher hanger out of the child’s reach.

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Product information:

  • We offer them to a child aged 10 to 14 weeks and older.
  • For observing: stimulates the child’s movement sensing and help developing his/her skills for dynamic visual attention.
  • We hang the mobile approx. 30 to 35 cm from the child’s eyes, out of his/her reach.

Material: holographic paper, wood, silk thread.

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